Bob Alton greeting Bud Case for ride and celebration of Bob Jacksons 90th birthday

Bob Jackson PT 181 and daughter

Bud PT168 and Bob PT181

Richard Morris and Jan Wojciechowski with Thompsons and carbine

The Jackson group in similar photo pose from WW2
/Photos/SF201406.JPG (1798189 bytes)
The birthday cake
/Photos/SF201407.JPG (1831107 bytes)
Bob Alton presenting gifts to Bob
/Photos/SF201408.JPG (1830718 bytes)
New Jetboat dinner tables and photo wall inside tent
/Photos/SF201409.JPG (1864648 bytes)
Bob Day working on pier fence
/Photos/SF201411.JPG (1826629 bytes)
Bob Barnam finishing new Wardroom ladder
/Photos/SF201413.JPG (1785321 bytes)
Bob Cravens, David Mackay and Paul Hanson finish work and install trigger assembly on twin 50's

/Photos/SF201412.JPG (1837827 bytes)
Welcoming bench at boat house entrance in honor of Dick Lowe
/Photos/SF201410.JPG (1801785 bytes)
/Photos/SF201414.JPG (1779953 bytes)
Mark Wolf laying on his creation
/Photos/SH201401.JPG (1786253 bytes)
On the Columbia on our way to St. Helens 7-25-2014
/Photos/SH201402.JPG (1808534 bytes)
Escort boat
/Photos/SH201403.JPG (1833460 bytes)
Warrior point lighthouse with water reception to St. Helens

/Photos/SH201404.JPG (1835783 bytes)
Touring guests on the boat
/Photos/SH201405.JPG (1842397 bytes)
From Sternwheeler
/Photos/SH201406.JPG (1814242 bytes)
Maury Hooper's guests
/Photos/SH201407.JPG (1780119 bytes)
Water ski show
/Photos/SH201408.JPG (1812331 bytes)
PT table at Saturday night banquet
/Photos/SH201409.JPG (1790590 bytes)
Maury Hooper, Chuck and Trish Kellogg and Richard Morris
/Photos/SH201410.JPG (1849896 bytes)
Daphne and Bill Weaver with an empty case of wine
/Photos/SH201411.JPG (1822671 bytes)
Two young tourists
/Photos/LO201401.JPG (1808307 bytes)
On way to Lake Oswego on 8--16-2014
/Photos/LO201402.JPG (1789666 bytes)
Maury Hooper and Frank Lesage
/Photos/LO201403.JPG (1813460 bytes)
Passing Sternwheeler
/Photos/LO201404.JPG (1852979 bytes)
Skipper Lowell Gillespie with Frank Lesage and daughter-inlaw

/Photos/LO201405.JPG (1853533 bytes)
Eileen and Wally Boerger at helm  
/Photos/LO201407.JPG (1723300 bytes)
Wally Boerger, Maury Hooper Lake Oswego Mayor and Bob Alton
/Photos/LO201409.JPG (1804188 bytes)
Large group of tourists on board
/Photos/LO201410.JPG (1794288 bytes)
Bud Case getting ready for ride home
/Photos/SF201415.JPG (1791904 bytes)
Brenda & Steve Lichtenburger ... Brenda is Bob Hostetters daughter
/Photos/SF201416.JPG (1827676 bytes)
Korean war veterans from USS Shields DD-596
/Photos/SF201417.JPG (1774270 bytes)
Crew gives a toast to Chuck Kellogg
/Photos/SF201418.JPG (1798909 bytes)
/Photos/SF201419.JPG (1790073 bytes)
Chuck would have been happy to see the LCI 713 arrive next to PT658 as he had a lot to do with getting it here

/Photos/SF201420.JPG (1823122 bytes)
/Photos/SF201421.JPG (1828643 bytes)
/Photos/Chucks01.JPG (1804719 bytes)
Start of Chuck Kellogg service at Willamette National Cemetery with Dick Ackroyd playing the bagpipe

/Photos/Chucks02.JPG (1811671 bytes)Capt. Paul Dombrowsky with naval honor guard
/Photos/Chucks03.JPG (1840873 bytes)
Flag bearers
/Photos/Chucks04.JPG (1780302 bytes)
Hearse arrival
/Photos/Chucks05.JPG (1798118 bytes)
Flag draped coffin
/Photos/Chucks06.JPG (1792438 bytes)
Family arrives  
/Photos/Chucks07.JPG (1794099 bytes)
Folding of flag
/Photos/Chucks08.JPG (1800373 bytes)
Presentation to Trish Kellogg
/Photos/Chucks11.JPG (1799082 bytes)
Officiant Eric Engleman  
/Photos/Chucks09.JPG (1806096 bytes)
Family with soloist Britnee Kellogg in background
/Photos/Chucks10.JPG (1796496 bytes)
Some of about 400 cars with occupants in attendance
/Photos/Chuckfuneralcard.jpg (499450 bytes)
Memory handout
/Photos/SF201422.JPG (1807982 bytes)
Our skipper on 9-25-14 trips Lowell Gillespie  
/Photos/SF201423.JPG (1784972 bytes)
New dry dock for ocean liners in mid river going into Vigor shipyard
/Photos/SF201424.JPG (1800540 bytes)
Ken Nissen family in engine room tour
/Photos/SF201425.JPG (1840251 bytes)
Matt with father Frank Lesage in port 50 cal gun tub (his battle station during WW2) getting ready for a photo shoot

/Photos/SF201426.JPG (1801561 bytes)
On the Columbia after the photo shoot going about 35 knots
/Photos/SF201427.JPG (2284334 bytes)
A special flag was flown on this trip

/Photos/SF201428.JPG (2146647 bytes)
The group back at the boathouse
/Photos/PTmisc201425.JPG (1795769 bytes)
Bill Weaver (center)  with 2 Austin Healy club members touring the boat. 11/8/14
/Photos/PTmisc201426.JPG (1783947 bytes)/Photos/PTmisc201427.JPG (1762969 bytes)
Two Austin Healy 3000's
/Photos/PTmisc201428.JPG (1771873 bytes)
Support for center engine lift to repair framing under it
/Photos/PTmisc201429.JPG (1804591 bytes)
Center engine disconnected and lifted off base
/Photos/PTmisc201430.JPG (1789229 bytes)
Jim Mitchell with new compressor enclosure he created  
/Photos/PTmisc201431.JPG (1777561 bytes)
Ron Taylor and Bob Alton surveying raised center engine area
/Photos/PTmisc201432.JPG (1791245 bytes)
Jim Lyons from Port Townsend Shipwrights receiving 'thank you' plaque from Bob Alton

/Photos/PTmisc201433.JPG (1793925 bytes)
The Group with Jim
/Photos/PTmisc201434.JPG (1808224 bytes)
Bob and Jim surveying the center engine framing work area
/Photos/Misc201501.JPG (1780689 bytes)
Ron Taylor and Jerry Gilmartin working on angle heading for new worm gear for rocket launchers
/Photos/Misc201502.JPG (1809314 bytes)
New operating sink and stove done by Tom Cates and Jerry Gilmartin
/Photos/Misc201503.JPG (1826819 bytes)
New galley storage bins done by Jerry Gilmartin
/Photos/Misc201504.JPG (1828313 bytes)
Shelf under Exec's bunk done by Wally Boerger
/Photos/Pphaenf1.JPG (1803041 bytes)
Pphaen Sayre  Radioman 1/c PT Base 16 Zamboanga, P.I. burial at Willamette National Cemetery February 9, 2015

/Photos/Pphaenf2.JPG (1842738 bytes)
/Photos/Pphaenf3.JPG (1811311 bytes)
Folding of flag
/Photos/Pphaenf4.JPG (1854901 bytes)
Presentation of flag
/Photos/Stud2211501.JPG (1778162 bytes)
Studebaker club tour on 2-21-2015
/Photos/Stud22115013D.JPG (735877 bytes)
In 3D Red-L, Blue-R    
/Photos/PT20123D.JPG (519165 bytes)
3D also
/Photos/Cengineframe01.JPG (1781756 bytes)
Center engine framing ready for instalation
/Photos/Cengineframe02.JPG (1836694 bytes)
Jin Lyons working on fitting center engine framing
/Photos/Cengineframe03.JPG (1798304 bytes)
Framing mostly done
/Photos/Galleywork01.JPG (1777096 bytes)
Molly McCready and Jerry Gilmartin with new galley storage cabinet they created
/Photos/Newequip02.JPG (1808237 bytes)
USN WW2 clock from RM 2/c Castro Base 11 Rendova in forward crew quarters
/Photos/Newequip01.JPG (1806111 bytes)
Safety lantern under ladder in wardroom provided by Wally Boerger with mounting created by Tom Cates

/Photos/Cengin04.JPG (1848423 bytes)
Center engine framing work done by Tom Cates, Bob Herbst and Ron Taylor
/Photos/PTmisc201502.JPG (1814698 bytes)
Ron Taylor, Tom Cates and Lowell Gillespie 'working' on modified outer drive shaft bearing supports under center engine
/Photos/PTmisc201501.JPG (1818182 bytes)
The finished product required because of new framing under center engine
/Photos/PTmisc201503.JPG (1798176 bytes)
Center engine being put back in place by Ron Taylor, Lowell Gillespie and Tom Cates 4-9-2015.

/Photos/CGcrew2015.JPG (2245208 bytes)
Coast Guard Crew touring
/Photos/Paulon40.JPG (2496111 bytes)
Paul Hanson repairing 40mm lift mechanism
/Photos/Boysct2015.JPG (1797526 bytes)
A Boy Scout group tours the boat
/Photos/Corvair2015.JPG (1811632 bytes)
The Corvair Club pays a visit
/Photos/Tbird5915.JPG (1799871 bytes)
T-bird club 5-9-15  
/Photos/Tbird5915ang.JPG (785750 bytes)
3D Red-L Blue-R
/Photos/TTWahoo01.JPG (1812840 bytes)
True Tour CEO and family at helm before photo shoot.
/Photos/TTWahoo02.JPG (1818926 bytes)
SS 565 group for rides on 5-21-15 USS Wahoo
/Photos/PTmisc201504.JPG (2190107 bytes)
Updated displays in forward crew quarters and chart room
/Photos/PTmisc201505.JPG (2191138 bytes)  
/Photos/PTmisc201506.JPG (1877789 bytes)  
/Photos/PTmisc201507.JPG (3224374 bytes)
New elevation angle scales on rocket launchers provided thru Jerry Gilmartin