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PT Mosquito Polo Shirt White
$35.00 - $40.00

PT Boat Polo Shirt Blue
$30.00 - $35.00

Embroidered Cap -

Dark Blue or Tan

DVD - Devil Boat
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MUG - Save the PT Boat
PT Mosquito Polo Shirt White
PT Boat Polo Shirt Blue

Hat color
PT658 Hat
Devil Boat DVD
PT Boat Mug


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PT Boat Polo Shirt White
$30.00 - $35.00

Wooden Boats & Iron Men: Book by Lilly Robbins Brock about Maury Hooper and his life experiances involving PT boats(139 pages)

Display magnets

$8.00 each

Pieces of History

Artifacts of the PT Boat Navy

By Frank J. Andruss Sr.

160 colored pages with a number of items from our museum and boat


PT Boat Polo Shirt White
Display magnets

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Replica WW2 PT Boat Pin
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Sterling Silver PT658 Pin

Very Limit Quantities(5 left)

PT658 Challenge Coin

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Hot, Straight and True
By Russ Hamachek
(paperback, 174 pages)
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Recompense (PT novel)
By Russ Hamachek
(paperback, 207 pages)


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PT658 - An Illustrated Look Into the World War II Higgins PT Boat and its Restoration
By Richard J. Washichek
Higgins worker attacking bottom plank by stbd rudder.jpg (581782 bytes)SSCN0690.JPG (61010 bytes)
Token screw from PT658 - An original screw from PT658
Fighting Boats BW Cover.jpg (257235 bytes)
Fighting Boats Color Cover.jpg (301131 bytes)
Fighting Boats WWII Ads
The two books are the same price, but the black/white book has 206 pages and the color book has 36 pages.

Choose B&W or Color Version:
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Poster - PT658 Cutaway Drawing, 12"x18" Highly Detailed Color Poster
By Richard J. Washichek


Viewmaster type stereo views

1. PT658 underway

2. Forward crew & galley

3. Wardroom

4. Twin 50's & bridge

5. Chart room

6. Engine room

7. Docked @ Rose Festival



PT658 cutaway drawing 12"x18"

Limited supply of Custom - Made Handcrafted Pens
As well as other items below using wood obtained from PT658's hull. All of these items are made to order, please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.

Order yours now so you don't miss this rare opportunity!

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Mount Blank styled Pens custom made from the wooden hull planks from PT658 -
Available with Plain Sleeve or Presentation Case

Choose Style Below:
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Glass Magnifier - custom made from the wooden hull planks from PT658
DSCF0795.JPG (1828570 bytes)
Key Chain Whistle - custom made from the wooden hull planks from PT658