American Cancer Society donors the Ottele's Bob, Nick, Logan & Derek on 8-17-2023

With Bill Weaver on bow

Jerry Gilmartin giving pre departure instruction as safety officer

Our Skipper Jesse


The USS Tulsa being dismantaled

On the 40mm Bofors

But where are we going?

Tom Cates with the 40&8 can group

Fred Juras as safety officer giving instructions to guests on our 8-28-2023 trip

On our way out the lagoon

About to pass under the railroad bridge on our way downtown

Skipper Jesse Haas and Fred Juras with guest at the helm

Turning around and heading home at OMSI

Ride on 9-9-2023 for crew guests

Jerry Gilmartin giving saftey talk

Bill Weaver and Skipper Jesse Haas talking to guests

On the way back

Bill Weaver addressing Peter Marsh group for ride on 9-11-2023

Peter Marsh with group in location where lunch will be served after ride

Bill Weaver giving saftey talk before departure

On our way with boathouse in background

Fireboat giving us a salute

About to go under the railroad bridge

Peter Marsh talking to guest

Activity at the bridge

Three happy guests on the way back with St. Johns bridge in background

Skipper Jesse Haas also did a dive for use looking for a hull leak

We sold our 1944 Jeep that was originally owned by Al McCready

A small group did a reciprical tour with the Ruby Princess ocean liner on 10-9-2023 in drydock at Vigor shipyard

Walt Haynes, Tour guide, Bob Herbst, Shaun Olinger & daughter and Wally Boerger

View up the Willamette from near the bridge of railroad and St. Johns bridges

One of the dining rooms set up for dinner

One of the watertight doors in the engine room

Don Cameron and others observe the great job he has done to restore our other Mark 13 torpedo to show quality.

Bryant Larson's son (Skip , 3rd)) with family and sister tour boat and museum on11-13-2023 with there dads framed poster behind them.


Old and new manufatured part of port supercharger.


"New' Packard 4M-2500 engine from Long Beach, Ca. delivered on 12-1-2023 with Walt Haynes and driver looking on.

In Jan of 2024 Don Cameron and Jack Coulter set up and manned our PT658 dispalay at the boat show at Expo.

This included a restored WW2 Mark13 torpedo that Don has worked on.

Ian Harding along with others working on replacement bunks for cradle

USCGA class of 63 officer Rev. Steve Ulmer with friends and article about him in 1966 in Vietnam. On tour 2-26-24

Sherwood hot rod Crusers tour on 3-7-2024

Test training run on 4-22-24

Bill Weaver and skipper Jesse Haas

Ian Harding and Don Cameron working on shapping new bunks for cradle.

Almost finished

Band of Brothers extra visiting boat

Northern lights as seen from Portland area on 5-10-2024 and recorded by our skipper Jesse Haas

New 40 foot storage container

Ian Harding with others finishing the cradle rehab after cutting some bunks in half. The new cover at back of barge was obtained thru Jack Coulter.

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