New sign at gate 18 entrance

Bob Alton with group from his retirement home

Fred Juras giving saftey instructions to morning ride group on 8-18-22

Leaving going past boathouse on the lagoon

About to pass under St. Johns bridge

Skippers Jack Coulter and Richard Morris

Lunch on the bardge

Randy Ayer from Mass. with jacket he owns from WW2 General Patton

Also General Patton's Zippo

On our way for afternoon ride

Jack Coulter with wife Cheyrl at helm and Skipper Richard Morris in background

Chris Nordling and wife

7-22-22 morning refueling trip across lagoon

97 year old PT vet Frank Lesage (GM PT205, Ron 15)

A cake we had made a few weeks earlier, but his group was not able to make it to boat.

Frank on the boat showing the photo of his wonderful wife Joanne that he has had in his wallet since he was 16(1941).

A group of donors to Cancer research with ride donated by Save The PT Boat Inc. (Tammy Brookfield and family)

On the twin 50's

Turning around at OMSI

9-3-22 Harley Hogs of Tigard tour

Our second 97th birthday cake for Frank Lesage. We had a small party for him at the boat on 9-8-22

Sissy Peters meeting Frank and guests from his retirement home

Cake and ice cream in the museum with Frank telling a few stories

Fred Juras gives Frank a hug with Tom Cates in background

Porche club tour on 9-17-22

Port engine quill shaft broken again

Sept 24,2022 tour group sponsored by Stephen Hayden

Out to the Columbia

Anchored vessel on the Columbia with Skippers Richard Morris and Jesse Haas

The group

Lunch also provided

Start of haulout of PT on 9-26-22. Removal of torpedoes and 40mm.

The actual haulout date is 9-30-22. The boat is tied to barge and moved to crane by Clark Caffall and his crew along with ours.

We arrive at Vigor shipyard

Vigor crew arrives on barge

Liftted out of water

Placed on barge

Back at boathouse

Alison Mazon our surveyor preparing to survey boat further after removal from water

Ron Taylor repainting parts of deck

Bill Weaver with others doing first plank removal on port bow

Bill Holeman and Dave Mackay working on updated donor board on walkway to museum

Jerry Gilmartin with Wally Boerger installing new junction box in IFF location of captains bunk

Jack Coulter with Gary Veenker working on starboard aft section of hull

Steve Strange working on aft port section of rail

Walt Haynes and Tom Cates removing damaged wood from forward crew area

Bill Weaver and Gary Veenker on aft starboard side

Area of inside repair work on stern of boat

Ron Taylor with others working on port stern

Shipwright Jim Lyons working on new plank

Randy Ayer with Jim. Randy flew out from Mass. (twice) to work on boat.

Gary Streets came to help from Colorado

Tom Cates hard at work in forward crew area

Lunch time for for the regular hard workers through this project

Wahkeena Chapter of DAR tour on 3-18-2023

The Wiskey plank with Ron Taylor and Jim Lyons

Jack Coulter picking up bottles for PT and bringing a whip from Tom Cates to Eileen Boerger to keep her husband (Wally) in line. May 19, 2023 the day the boat is going back in the water after a long rebuild

Some of the rotten wood removed from boat thru the winter

Jim Waters 'holding' the bow up

Clark Caffall with some of his crew getting his tug tied up properly to tow barge to Vigor cranes

On the way

Arriving at cranes

Lift up

Back in water

Back at boathouse

Torpedoes and 40mm back on deck (a few days later with Clarks's help again)

Maury Hooper's grandson re-enlistment on June 2,2023. Maury was PT vet Ron 20 PT238 and past PT658 president

Sept 30, 2022 Haulout videos: from Will Sell & Jerry Gilmartin:

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