SUMMER - FALL - WINTER - PHOTOS 2021 - 2022.

6-26-2021 ride for Leukimia and Cancer Society auction winners

Dick Ackroyd our skipper for trip

John and Robert Drake at the helm

7-13-2021 boat rides for Paul Rich groups and 2020 Cancer Society donor group

Skippers Dick Ackroyd and Thys Vanborgondien

Thys with friend on bridge

Bill Weaver, Pete Marsh and Skipper Richard Morris at start of July 29,2021 ride organized by Pete

On the way out of lagoon with boathouse in background

At the helm with Skipper Richard

View of railroad bridge with train crossing

On twin 50's with 48 star flag in background

On way back just before docking

Lunch in museum provided by Pete

Relatives of Dr. Al Skinner (PT591 Skipper,Exec PT595 Ron 40) memorial on 8-2-2021

The flag cerimony

Presenting flag to daughter

On the way to Columbia for ash distriubution

Roll on Columbia

On the 40mm Bofors

Twelve of Al's relatives with Skipper Richard Morris on trip

Art Frongello 96 QM 3/C PT302 Ron 22 with PT658 president Bill Weaver and cameraman from Chad Booths 'At Your Leisure' film crew on 8-7-2021

Art and son Wayne coming down the ramp and were brought to the boat from Orlando, FL via a 'Go fund me' project organized by Frank J. Andruss Sr.

Art posing for common position used to return food to the Med during the war from seasickness

At his position in the chart house looking at copy of chart he had given us of invasion of the island of Elba 6-17-19,1944

With skipper Richard Morris at the helm on first run

On the bridge at the helm

Art with crewwoman

Sisssy Peters

Art in museum after signing a few books

Back for the second ride and filming from the Jetboat

On the bridge

Skipper Richard Morris with son Wayne on the helm with Art looking on

In museum with Art signing the original Elba invasion chart

Bill Weaver and Walt Haynes bringing first load of 50 doves for release on Vancouver waterfront for 9/11

On deck

The dove people


Large passenger vessel in drydock at Vigor

About to go under railroad bridge with St. Johns in background

Near Kelly point on the Columbia

A motor mac taking photo from engine room

The crowd at site

Some of the doves being released with a salute

Marc Lacy photos from the shoreline


Taking boat out for a 9-23-2021 tour and lunch for about 30 or so Vigor Shipyard employies

2-26-2022 Sea scout tour of PT658 at entrance to boathouse

On the 40mm Bofors

Group on bridge

3-24-2022 PT658 crew training on fire and medical conducted by Walt Haynes

4-14-2022 crew training for flooding and man(person) overboard conducted by Walt Haynes

Jerry Gilmartin working on organizing our file system on our main computer in museum

Start of 4-28-2022 test trip for repair of several engine parts

Clark Caffall and Jesse Robinson (in training) were our skippers for the day

Passing the LINCOLN tug boat

At the Columbia

Returning at speed (29 K)

Phil Richart being interviewed by Sandy Carter concerning early PT659 history

Bob Alton(L) with tour group from The Ackerly at Sherwood on 5-19-2022

Bill Weaver with Dan Mitchell owner of Sporting Systems of Vancouver,WA who has donated a MK 5 sight for our other 20mm Oerlikon on 5-20-2022

A thank you plaque sent to Frank Andruss Sr. by crew for his long time help on many things PT related

Fred Juras presenting signed plaque to Gary Hill for presentation to his father-in-law Jim Teale Skipper of PT115 on his 100th birthday.

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Video clip from 9/11 cerimony:

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