Sea Scout group

touring boat

Tom Cates presents Maury Hooper with a signed PT crew thank you collage

Work on enclosing work area

Bob Alton and Fred Juras laying floor for second level display area

The floor trusses for second level room


Ethon Aronson donates an early PT109 movie poster

The display deck floor is completed

Bob Herbst and Bob

Alton working on new

boarding ladder

USS Belle Grove LSD-2 reunion boat trip 6-8-2015

Passing a Chevron tanker

Steve Deitz performing 'hat overboard drill'

Hat owner receiving retrieved hat

Lake Oswego trip


The LO mayor flanked on left by Bob Barnum & Maury Hooper and on right by Frank Lesage & Steve Dietz

The new boarding ladder

Our docking space with others

Some military vehicles at show

Returning under two Sellwood bridges

Beaty Lay service


Daughter Laura Ravert talking

Jerry Gilmartin with Beaty PT story

Maury Hooper PT vet

Bob Dubay service 8-30-2015

The chapel

Son remembering

WW2 Flight Instructor

At PT boat earlier

Reception with large photo gallery

Departing Swan Island lagoon on

9-3-2015 trip

St. Johns bridge

Guests at the helm

Returning with ship

in new Vigor drydock

Ensign flag from PT227 donated by son Jim of skipper James E. Keys

Info on back of flag display

Ethan and Oliver Pooley grand & great-grandson of Wilber Pooley skipper of PT285 with bell along with our bell from PT481

Bob Alton with 'new' boarding ladder

Enclosed work area with new display area above and start of walkway to get to boat

ESGR Boss lift group 9-20-15

Walkway to museum

space completed

More flotation required

Donated Packard engine from 'Nimitz' museum at Fredricksburg, TX

Maury Hooper in Veterans Day parade in Vancouver, WA


Bob Herbst and Bob Alton removing port engine transmission for repair

Bob Alton with it partially apart

Further progress

The outer wall finished awaiting windows

Steve Dietz, Fred Juras and Dick Sleeter watching Bob Barnum doing framing of video room

Tom Caters and Bob Alton 'working' on port transmission

Further framing

Walt Haynes and Bob Barnum framing new entrance door

Steve Dietz with old chair donated for research room

Jan, Tom Cates with Maury Hooper and wife Ima Joe at winter PT party at Wally Boergers

Bob Day, Jerry Gilmartin, Dale Billups and Bobs son Steven

Fred Juras and Dick Sleeter talking with the Hoopers

The happy couple

Jim Mitchell and Ron Taylor working on new forward escape hatch

Al Wakeman (with mortar) MM 2/c PT175 with son Wally at boat 2-29-2016

Dave Mackay and Bob Day mount new sign on main gate entrance

Ron Taylor and Jim Mitchell finish new escape hatch from forward crew quarters

Group from Historic Car Club visit boat 3-12-16

Bill Weaver with wheel off PT231 donated by Ed Jepsen family of which he was the skipper

Maury Hooper with reporter Lilly Brock who is doing article on Maury

Ron Taylor, Walt Haynes, Bob Herbst and Bob Cravens Trying to figure out how lower a 900 # port transmission

Further work with the addition of Tom Cates and Jan

Maury Hooper and Bud Case being interviewed by author Randall Peffer for Wooden Boat Publications article

Ron Taylor pointing out location of Packard engine govenor that Maury was able to disable during race 7-4-45

Sea Scouts boat ariving for sleepover on 4-2-16

The group from SSS 202 pose

Lowell, Jerry, Jason, Dale, ? and Bob at ESGR open house fly session with 3 views

1944 Flag from PT311 and other items donated by Doug Vaubel and family in memory of his father Charles Peter Vaubel MM 2/c on PT311 Ron 22

PT311 crew 1944 with a little history

Maury Hooper with grandson escort preparing for 'honor' flight to Washington, DC. 4-23,24-2016

Group in front of reflecting pool and Lincoln memorial in backgound

Maury a native 'OKie'

South Pacific memorial

Lincoln memorial

Naval memorial