PT658_Rose_Festival_2012_photos/rose201230.JPG (220214 bytes)PT658_Rose_Festival_2012_photos/rose201201.JPG (235881 bytes)
Our skippers Ron Gray (top) and Lowell Gillespie (bottom)

PT658_Rose_Festival_2012_photos/rose201202.JPG (235420 bytes)
RDML Doug Asbjornsen, Deputy Commander, Navy Region NW receiving a challenge coin from Frank Lesage

PT658_Rose_Festival_2012_photos/rose201203.JPG (234230 bytes)
Saluting arriving USCG shipO
PT658_Rose_Festival_2012_photos/rose201204.JPG (231548 bytes)
USCGC Alert(WMEC 630) Arrives escorted by PT658
PT658_Rose_Festival_2012_photos/rose201205.JPG (234113 bytes)
RDML Asbjornsen, Jerry Gilmartin and Chief Wes Mahan  on the Bofors 40mm with new sights
PT658_Rose_Festival_2012_photos/rose201206.JPG (238541 bytes)
The 100 year old fireboat SS David Campbell welcomes fleet to Portland
PT658_Rose_Festival_2012_photos/rose201207.JPG (231924 bytes)
Jack Duncan with RDML David Boone Director Shore Readiness Deputy CNO

PT658_Rose_Festival_2012_photos/rose201208.JPG (222062 bytes)
RDML Boone with his nephew Brandon Kindley at wheel
PT658_Rose_Festival_2012_photos/rose201209.JPG (231875 bytes)
CAPT Paul Dombrowski PT658 VP presents challenge coin to RDML Boone as Jerry looks on
PT658_Rose_Festival_2012_photos/rose201210.JPG (232969 bytes)
RDML Boone with his wife Meg and Brandon on the 40mm Bofors cannon
PT658_Rose_Festival_2012_photos/rose201211.JPG (223710 bytes)
USCG K9 Security Team tours PT658 (Our drug enforcer)
PT658_Rose_Festival_2012_photos/rose201212.JPG (234613 bytes)
Four PT vets on PT658 June 8th (L to R) Murl Wescott PT236 Ron 19, Jack Duncan PT103 Ron 5, Jim Majors Ron 18 and STPTBI President Maury Hooper PT238 Ron 20
PT658_Rose_Festival_2012_photos/rose201213.JPG (235153 bytes)
Ceremonies held on PT658 presenting coins to (L to R) RDML Keith Taylor COM USCG 13th District, VADM Paul Zukunft COM USCG PACAREA by President Maury Hooper as VP CAPT Paul Dombrowski looks on

PT658_Rose_Festival_2012_photos/rose201214.JPG (233517 bytes)
President Maury Hooper presenting challenge coin to RDML Dixon Smith, Commander, Navy Region SW

PT658_Rose_Festival_2012_photos/rose201215.JPG (234124 bytes)
Ceremonies on bow of PT658 (L to R) RDML Dixon Smith, Maury Hooper (PT238 RON 20) Skipper Chuck Kellogg, VADM Paul Zukunft, RDML Keith Taylor and Murl Wescott (PT236 RON 19)
PT658_Rose_Festival_2012_photos/rose201216.JPG (221346 bytes)
Flag officers flag with new radar mast and Old Glory
PT658_Rose_Festival_2012_photos/rose201217.JPG (232373 bytes)
Greeting the naval vessels arrival
PT658_Rose_Festival_2012_photos/rose201218.JPG (234503 bytes)
USS William Lawrence DDG-110 arrives in Portland escorted by PT658
PT658_Rose_Festival_2012_photos/rose201219.JPG (234280 bytes)
Paul Hansen, Maury Hooper, Jack and Marlene Duncan display plaques, roses and flower bouquet presented to the PT658 by the Royal Rosarians welcoming the boat to Rose Festival

PT658_Rose_Festival_2012_photos/rose201220.JPG (225799 bytes)
John Russell an important donor at the wheel
 PT658_Rose_Festival_2012_photos/rose201221.JPG (223614 bytes)
D-Day PT Boat veteran Clyde Combs (PT 515) of Houston TX wearing his French Legion of Honor Medal presented to him by French President Sarkozy on June 6th 2009

PT658_Rose_Festival_2012_photos/rose201331.JPG (233547 bytes)
CAPT Paul Dombrowski presenting a challenge coin to Phil Dunmire President of the Navy League of the United States (NLUS)

PT658_Rose_Festival_2012_photos/rose201223.JPG (234761 bytes)
Stern view of PT658 moored to barge just astern of HMCS Oriole. Photo taken from bridge of Sternwheeler Portland
PT658_Rose_Festival_2012_photos/rose201224.JPG (234715 bytes) Marvelous Marlene and Molly PT658_Rose_Festival_2012_photos/rose201225.JPG (233380 bytes)
New gun rack with the new (unfinished)  BAR by Wally Boerger and Tom Cates
PT658_Rose_Festival_2012_photos/rose201226.JPG (232218 bytes)
Drei Fraulein 'Au Pair' von Deutschland with Bob Herbst as guide
PT658_Rose_Festival_2012_photos/rose fest 042.jpg (104356 bytes)
German girls modeling US Navy Pith Helmets and Officers Combination Cap in PT658's wardroom
PT658_Rose_Festival_2012_photos/rose201227.JPG (231090 bytes)
Bill Weaver with PT vet Robert Jackson and wife

PT658_Rose_Festival_2012_photos/rose201228.JPG (233282 bytes)
PT vet Robert Jackson with family
PT658_Rose_Festival_2012_photos/rose201229.JPG (233363 bytes)
Bob and Jean Machnik (PT 150) with family
PT658_Rose_Festival_2012_photos/Kens90th1.JPG (223937 bytes)
Ken Nissan's 90th Birthday party
PT658_Rose_Festival_2012_photos/Kens90th2.JPG (230944 bytes)
Gift from the PT boaters
PT658_Rose_Festival_2012_photos/Kens90th3.JPG (233889 bytes)
Family and friends at the party
PT658_Rose_Festival_2012_photos/CatesBAR1.JPG (226308 bytes)
Tom Cates with new 19# BAR (Browning Automatic Rifle)

PT658_Rose_Festival_2012_photos/dscf1070_0019.jpg (1070497 bytes)
Group to meet Canadian training vessel HMCS Oriole

PT658_Rose_Festival_2012_photos/dscf1078_0027.jpg (1105447 bytes)
PT658_Rose_Festival_2012_photos/dscf1103_0048.jpg (1016708 bytes)
With sail out and fireboat greeting

PT658_Rose_Festival_2012_photos/rose201222.JPG (235609 bytes)