PT658 MOVE TO VIGOR INC. FALL - WINTER - SPRING 2013 -2014 . . .

PTmove201301.JPG (1805725 bytes)
Wally Boerger with channel 2 news crew before departure on pier
PTmove201302.JPG (1828970 bytes)
The barge and boat being moved out of Naval Reserve location to Vigor cranes across the lagoon

PTmove201303.JPG (1860887 bytes)
The barge and boat with cradle being towed by Clark Cafel and his crew
PTmove201304.JPG (1822496 bytes)
A Mark 13 torpedo being reinstalled starboard forward
PTmove201305.JPG (1780027 bytes)
The last torpedo being installed aft rear by Bob Herbst, Rob Parks and others
PTmove201306.JPG (1838116 bytes)
The Bofors 40mm gun being reinstalled on new mount obtained by Rob Parks
PTmove201307.JPG (1805909 bytes)
The Campbell Crane spreader bar and cables being attached to cradle

PTmove201308.JPG (231289 bytes)
Being lifted off barge and into the water.
PTmove201309.JPG (234427 bytes)
The cradle back on the barge with the? cranes provided by Vigor Inc.
PTmove201310.JPG (237409 bytes)
The boat returning to new location on south end of lagoon side of Vigor property

PTmove201311.JPG (236098 bytes)
The barge in its place next to boathouse in the lagoon
PTmove201312.JPG (1807066 bytes)
Boat in the boathouse with all pumps running
WallyonTV.PNG (2957474 bytes)
Wally Boerger on 6 pm news about event
PTmove201313.jpg (1302779 bytes)
The pier shed being removed at the Naval Reserve base

PTmove201314.jpg (1813314 bytes)
PTmove201315.jpg (1854060 bytes)
PTmove201316.jpg (981567 bytes)
The gangway attached at Vigor
PTmove201317.jpg (992387 bytes)
Roof damage from Sept 28 storm
PTmove201318.jpg (964510 bytes)
PTHart01.JPG (1804143 bytes)
Robert Hart Motor Mac 1/c PT176 Ron 11 led by #1 of 11 of 12 children from Colorado riding on boat 10-10-13

PTHart03.JPG (1842349 bytes)
Receiving plaque from Frank Lesage

PTHart04.JPG (1770660 bytes)
With handshake
PTHart06.JPG (1785250 bytes)
Robert donating PT items to Save The PT Boat inc
PTHart07.JPG (1781334 bytes)
Starting port engine with 'Bubba' Conway looking on

PTHart09.JPG (1819975 bytes)
At the helm with another son
PTHart14.JPG (234495 bytes)
Robert and Frank discussing old times
PTHart10.JPG (1811185 bytes)
Returning to Portland Spirit dock
PTfall201301.jpg (1146740 bytes)
Roof repair in progress

PTfall201302.JPG (1799445 bytes)
Barbra Brunkow and Chuck Kellogg Oct 17,2013
PTfall201303.JPG (1793613 bytes)
Ken Austin
PTfall201304.JPG (1801609 bytes)
Steven Day
PTfall201305.JPG (1787719 bytes)
Keith Martin
PTfall201306.JPG (1812951 bytes)
Mlian Jewell and Bob Herbst
PTfall201307.jpg (1395883 bytes)
The roof repaired
PTfall201308.jpg (1481195 bytes)
Bob Alton presenting plaque to Portland Fire Dept. for help provided

PTfall201309.jpg (1400774 bytes)
Chuck Kellogg and Bob Alton presenting plaques to U.S, Coast Guard for help provided

PTfall201310.jpg (1125864 bytes)
Aft tank and crew quarters floor and wood work done by Bob Barnam from plans
PTfall201311.jpg (1473699 bytes)

PTfall201312.jpg (1289563 bytes)
PTmiac201403.JPG (1840729 bytes)
Hostess Linda Alton with guests Margie Sleeter and Barbra Brunkow at Christmas PT party
PTmiac201404.JPG (1805375 bytes)
Fred Juras and Bill Weaver with wife Daphne
PTmisc201405.JPG (1834987 bytes)
Jason Lobo and Bob Day

PTmiac201406.JPG (1795007 bytes)
Host Bob Alton
PTmisc201401.JPG (2247516 bytes)
USCGC Bertholf WMSL-750 in drydock at Vigor shipyard providing tour
PTmisc201407.JPG (1890134 bytes)
PT tour group on bridge Bob Barnum, Jerry Gilmartin, Bob Alton, Fred Juras, Jan Wojciechowski, Tom Cates and XO of Coast Guard Base Portland USCG CDR Williamson

PTmisc201408.JPG (393439 bytes)
Board meeting held 1-16-2014? being led by Bob Alton

PTmisc201409.JPG (401393 bytes)
All attendees
PTmisc201410.JPG (2605808 bytes)
Group visiting Dick Lowe after board meeting 2-27-14. Beaty Lay, Jerry Gilmartin, Molly Gunderson, Dick Lowe and Maury Hooper
PTmisc201411.jpg (1085665 bytes)Bob Barnum with one of two lockers made for rear crew quarters

PTmisc201412.jpg (1476543 bytes)
Ron Taylor working on Wally Boergers rocket bank
PTshelves01.JPG (1817787 bytes)
?New shelves in forward crew and officers quarters created and finished by Wally Boerger and Jerry Gilmartin

PTshelves02.JPG (1835038 bytes)
DickLowef01.JPG (721598 bytes)
Group including Frank Lesage on right at Dick Lowe's funeral?
DickLowef02.JPG (1817080 bytes)
?At reception after ceremony

DickLowef03.JPG (1823545 bytes)
The grave site at Willamette National Cemitary
DickLowef04.JPG (1853803 bytes)
Presenting flag to Dicks son Fred

DickLowef05.JPG (1826300 bytes) The family DickLowef06.JPG (1836054 bytes)
The bagpipe and honor guard
PT657 loading at NOLA.jpg (194328 bytes)
A couple of photos taken Aug. 25 1945 of PT657 being loaded onto LST375. PT658 was on the same shipment. Photos provided by Chuck Fowler

PT657 at NOLA.jpg (208049 bytes)
DBrandtfun01.JPG (1794690 bytes)Don Brandts funeral at Willamette National Cemetery with Jerry Gilmartin, Bob Alton and Barbra Brandt
DBrandtfun02.JPG (1805554 bytes)
Carol and Barbra

DBrandtfun03.JPG (1795449 bytes)
Carol and daughter

DBrandtfun04.JPG (1793210 bytes)
Honor guard with flag
DBrandtfun05.JPG (1794329 bytes) The family and friends at flag folding ceremony DBrandtfun06.JPG (1786739 bytes)
Presenting of flag to Barbra
PTmisc201415.JPG (230855 bytes)
New second story entrance door with entry platform
PTmisc201413.JPG (231180 bytes)
Second story entrance door with stairs from barge
PTmisc201414.JPG (229943 bytes)
Inside second story entrance and ramp
PTmisc201416.JPG (235390 bytes)
New 60mm M2 mortar and base generously provided by Russell Whipple, Rick Larson, Wally Boerger, John Gillon, Jim Mitchell and Ron Taylor

PTmisc201417.JPG (231538 bytes)
Base to be painted and mounted starboard side of bow
PTmisc201418.JPG (230894 bytes)
PTmisc201419.JPG (3077667 bytes)? Fred Juras, Chuck Kellogg and Bob Alton mount new National Historic Site plaque on starboard side of bridge

PTmisc201420.JPG (1684468 bytes)
PTmisc201421.JPG (2361631 bytes)
Wes Valpey working on lift raft
PTmisc201422.JPG (2150699 bytes)
New ARC4/RT19 radio acquired by Jerry Gilmartin
PTmisc201423.JPG (2208155 bytes)
Master Chief Jack Duncans (PT103) donated dress uniform

PTmisc201424.JPG (1814157 bytes)
IFF ABK unit with code selector, control units and IFF destruct switch