DECK REPAIR - FALL - WINTER - SPRING 2009-2010 . . .


Bow with guns and life-raft removed.

Jim Mitchell and Tom Cates working on new position for crane

Fred Juras working on removing bow deck

The bow deck removed

The chart house has been lifted from deck to work underneath

Further work on deck and side rail by Jim Michell

Dick Ackroid and Dick Sleeter work on removing upper side rail

Reinforcing ribs for bow framing

Maury Hooper and Bob Alton installing reinforcing for bow deck

Dick Lowe and Bob Alton installing framing support

Frank Lesage with group from Valley Catholic

Russ Hamacheck with son Jay and Babs at holiday party

John Akin with wife

Maury Hooper with wife

Dick Lowe and Molly McCready

Russ and Margaret recieving Ron 39 token

Our hosts Bob and Linda Alton

The forward tank rooms with smoke damage from 2003

The 50 cal gun tubes moved back

Group giving Chuck Kellogg award

The first sheets of new deck being installed

Cmdr Jami Mason transfer party with Frank Lesage presiding

Further progress on deck

The chart house has been put back in place

Jim Mitchell modeling new escape ladder in boat house provided by Chuck Kellogg

The deck is in place and 'Smiths' is being applied for protection

Bob Alton and Dick Sleeter installing portion of deck rail

Forward fiberglassing

Bayne 'fiberglass' Weidman

Starboard fiberglass around chart house