Protective cover over work areas on the hull

Alison Mazon surveying boat

Richard Morris with hand thru boat

Jim Lyons expert shipwright

Boathouse roof being repaired by ORC (Oregon Roof Care, Inc)

Some of the removed rotten planking

New logs for the new starboard chine

Jim and Jack Coulter surveying port side

Bill Weaver working on the first new rivet being installed

Will Sell riveter

Jim Lyons securing rear 2/3 section of starboard chine log

Port bow section finished except for painting

John Kihlstrum finishing painting of new doors on engine shop on pier

About 2/3 of the chine log installed

The new and old shaft bearings prepared by Sheffield Marine

Tom Cates, Ron Taylor and Jim reviewing last section of chine log to be installed

The full length of chine log replacement on starboard side

Sheffield Marine installing new shaft bearings


Jim Lyons and Tom Cates working on starboard side outside the chine

Bill Weaver inside the forward crew area helping install rivets between outer and inner planking

Some finished rivets

Starboard planking almost finished

The 3 shafts are ready to be installed

The shaft bearings being aligned

Tom Cates and Jim Lyons working on part of the keel

Bill Weaver doing some more riviting

Some of the main workers Tom Cates, Gary Veenker, Bill Weaver, Bob Herbst, Jack Coutler and Ron Taylor around Jim Lyons shipwright

John Kihlstrum's work

Group reinstalling one of starboard mufflers

The 'Whisky' plank

Four working on installing one of the starboard mufflers

Ron Taylor and Bob Herbst working on the 'Bottom' paint