SUMMER - FALL - WINTER - PHOTOS 2017 - 2018.

Two hour ride group on 6-29-2017

Two left at the dock

WW2 vet at the helm

Fire boat gives salute to two vets of WW2 & Korea

The moon, flag and jet trail


Trip sponsor with family

At the helm

Skipper Lowell Gillespie passing large car container

PT summer party at the Dietz's home 7-15-2017. Steve Dietz with Wally Boerger (the PT crewman who performs all 'Kramers')

Other guests with view of golf hole in background

Dr. Dave Mackay

Our gracious hosts Steve and Linda Dietz with PT cake desert

July 20, 2017 ride group

Lowell Gillespie skipper passing LCI 713 in the lagoon

Trip 7-29-2017 to Tidewater marina opening in Vancouver, Wa

Danny Josue at helm with skipper Lowell Gillespie

Kindrah with others awaiting tour

Lowell with Mt Hood in background

Group photo taken by Cheryl Woods at museum

WW2 vet with daughter at the helm on trip to Lake Oswego 8-26-2017

Frank Lesage with daughter-in-law at the helm

John Russell at the helm with skipper Clark Caffall

Twin 50's with view of 'cottage' in Dunthorpe

Frank receiving plaque from LO

John and Frank

WW2 vet with Steve Dietz

At the dock with visitors

3 gals going up-river

John Kihlstrum demonstrating 40 to guests

Sue & Jeff Strater on the 40

Cheryl at the helm ... her father Eddie Croft worked on remote steering of PT's for the OSS at end of war

Steve Dietz with Bud Case Ron 10 PT168 at museum going over memories before trip on 9-16-2017 for USS Coontz reunion

Lunch before trip on the PT barge

Heading out of lagoon at Swan Island

Bud Case at the helm with skipper Richard Morris and Steve Dietz pointing at the sky

The sternwheeler in downtown Portland

Michael Olson of Mesquite, Nv. donating to Wally Boerger a Japanese Arisaka 99 short rifle obtained by his father in 1945 off Okinawa