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PT658 article in Smoky Mountain Base submarine service TN USSVI

Article is on page 14-15

To View the .PDF article: Click Here

-News - June 2019.....

-News - December 2016 . . . .
KPTV Channel 12 PT658 Rose Festival 2019 coverage:

June 5th coverage: Click Here

June 7th coverage: Click Here

-News - May 2019. . . .

Ken Austin an important friend and donor passes away

George Kenneth "Ken" Austin Jr. Obituary

George Kenneth 'Ken' Austin, Jr.
Oct. 29, 1931 - May 1, 2019
It is with deep sadness that A-dec marks the passing of its co-founder George Kenneth Austin, Jr., who passed away Wednesday, May 1, 2019. He spent his final days surrounded by his beloved family at his Newberg home. He was 87 years old.
A-dec employees on the Newberg campus gathered together to observe a moment of silence and the ceremonial lowering of the flag to half-staff. Flags will remain at half-staff until after the funeral.
"Ken is a legend; he's an icon in the dental industry," said A-dec COO Marv Nelson. "But more important than that, Ken loved his family. He loved A-dec and he loved all of us. He and his wife Joan built this amazing company that we all benefit from, the community benefits from, and dentistry benefits from. We're forever grateful to both of them for what they've done for all of us."
Asked once about his engineering skills, Ken said he preferred to think of himself as an "imagineer," or even a simple blacksmith — someone who could shape what he had into whatever the job required.
In the fall of 1964, his greatest need was a job. He had burned through six since leaving the Air Force in 1957 and was once again unemployed; he was a few weeks from his 33rd birthday; he had two young children. But he also had an idea for a device that would make dentistry a little easier. With his wife Joan's backing — "even if we have to live on bread and beans," she said — they got to work.
Joan, who passed away in 2013, took charge of the day-to-day business. Ken did the dreaming, the designing and the building.
By February 1965 they had a couple of employees, an order to fill and space in a 1,000-sqare-foot Quonset hut in Newberg. Joan's desk, and its recipe box filled with business contacts, sat next to his drafting board. They grew A-dec into the largest privately owned dental manufacturing company in the United States, Newberg's largest employer and the foundation for a lifetime of philanthropy and community involvement that will be felt throughout Oregon and the world for generations to come.
Ken's great-grandfather arrived at the pioneer settlement of Butteville in 1859, the same year Oregon earned statehood. In spite of that history, Ken was born Oct. 29, 1931 in Missoula, Mont., where his father was working. Ken was two years old when his family returned to Oregon and a farm in St. Paul.
"To be a kid growing up on a farm means never being bored," he said. There were oats to harvest, cows to milk and cans of cream to haul in his wagon. Most importantly, there was always something that needed to be fixed. He loved that.
When he was six, his father helped him melt Mason jar lids to cast an anchor for a toy wooden boat. When he was seven, his father gave him an old washing machine motor to tinker with. A neighbor taught him how thermostats worked, and how to build a windmill.
Ken constructed a small shop and called it "The Boys Club." In it, he built birdhouses and sharpened knives. When he was 14, he sold the cows he'd raised in 4-H to his father and took the money to buy a car. It needed work, so he bought a welder and other equipment. Before his junior year in high school, he built a bigger shop, "The Rod Shop," and did custom auto work for $1-an-hour.
He began racing cars, graduated high school and went to Oregon State College (now Oregon State University). In 1952, after losing a chance to be the school's Yell King, he became its first mascot, designing the original Benny Beaver costume and imbuing him with a mischievous personality.
He met Joan (pronounced Jo-Ann) and they married in 1953. In 1954, Ken graduated from OSC with a bachelor's degree in industrial administration. He entered the Air Force, where he learned to fly jets and maintain aircraft before being stationed in Korea and his son Ken III was born. In 1958, he and Joan welcomed a daughter, Loni.
A-dec was the right application of Ken and Joan's talents at the right time. Sit-down dentistry was coming into fashion, and dentists — not to mention the assistants they were beginning to hire — needed new and better tools. Ken could design them, and he spent countless hours listening to dentists, and then working to make their lives easier.
That little Quonset hut grew to a 50-acre campus populated by more than 1,000 employees producing equipment that fills dental offices in more than 100 countries. A-dec dominates the market share in many of those countries — including the United States.
In 1975, Ken and Joan codified the A-dec Way, a 15-point set of principles that puts "concern for people" first and encourages teamwork, creativity, honesty and public service. This was the backbone for how Ken and Joan viewed the world and operated their enterprises.
He led a partnership between A-dec and Rotary Clubs to create equipment to make dental work easier in difficult parts of the world. Rota-Dent is a portable control unit. More than 80,000 have received care from the TotaChair, a portable dental chair Ken created.
In 1999, he was elected to the National Academy of Engineering. In 2000, Oregon State honored him with its E.B. Lemon Distinguished Alumni Award. He served as a trustee at George Fox University, was a former president of the Oregon 4-H Club, and past chair of the American Dental Trade Association. Ken was named on 40 U.S. patents and another 33 internationally.
His spiritual journey, which began with his early 1980s fight against alcoholism, led to the creation of what's now the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation treatment center in Newberg. His love for Oregon State University led to the Austin Family Business Program, and Austin Hall, the 100,000-square-foot home of OSU's College of Business. His and Joan's love of Newberg will last long into the future through the work of the Austin Family Foundation and the Allison Inn & Spa.
Formed in 2015, the Foundation is focused on supporting education at all levels, and access to addiction and mental health services in Newberg and Yamhill County.
The Allison Inn & Spa was Joan's vision to support the burgeoning wine tourism industry and put Newberg on the map. It was supported wholeheartedly by Ken, who once joked that she was spending their retirement to build it. It opened Sept. 25, 2009, Joan's birthday.
Ken is survived by two children, five grandchildren, their spouses and five great-grandchildren. All of them reside in Newberg and the surrounding area. Son G. Kenneth Austin III is married to Celia Strickland Austin. Daughter Loni Austin Parrish is married to Scott Parrish, the CEO of A-dec.
A celebration of life community event is being planned to honor the life and legacy of Ken Austin.
The event will be held at 2:30 p.m., Friday, May 31, 2019, at George Fox University Bauman Hall Auditorium / Stoffer Family Stadium in Newberg, OR. A reception will be held at the Chehalem Cultural Center.
To ensure that the Austin | Parrish family is prepared to welcome all that wish to celebrate Ken's life, we kindly ask that you take a moment to register at the link on However, all are welcome to attend regardless of registration.
Please sign the online guest book at

Published in The Oregonian from May 20 to May 26, 2019











-News - December 2018. . . .

December 2018 Newsletter

Save The PT Boat, Inc's. December 2018 Fall Newsletter issue (13 page PDF file) is now available.

To View the .PDF issue Click Here

-News - October 2018.....

PT658 is scheduled to be removed from the water and placed on the barge on October 25 for repairs and servicing

for several months.

-News - December 2016 . . . .

-News - June 2018.....

-News - December 2016 . . . .

Marlene and Jack Duncan recieve Crosman award

To View video Click Here

-News - May 24 2018.....

-News - December 2016 . . . .

PT658 installs new 80 'ramp from pier to new landing on barge

To View video Click Here

May 24 2018 Installation of new ramps on barge photos: Click here for details

-News - April 2018.....

-News - December 2016 . . . .
Save The PT Boat, Inc's. Ad in June 2018 WORLD WAR II magazine

To View the Ad in PDF format Click Here

-News - December 2017. . . .

The Rooster Tail -

Save The PT Boat, Inc's. December 2017 Fall Newsletter issue (13 page PDF file) is now available.

To View the .PDF issue Click Here

Bob Beveridge skipper of PT810 joins Last Patrol 10-20-2017

PT658_Rose_Festival_2011_photos/LCDR%20Bob%20B1.jpg (234613 bytes)

PT658_Rose_Festival_2011_photos/Rose6081101.jpg (234613 bytes)

Bob still in his uniform in 6-11-2011 at the boat with Bud Case, Jack Duncan, Maury Hooper,

Rolf Brukner and Joe Derrough

- Latest News - September 2017 . . . .

PT658_Rose_Festival_2012_photos/rose201212.JPG (234613 bytes)
Four PT vets on PT658 June 8th 2012 (L to R) Murl Wescott PT236 Ron 19, Jack Duncan PT103 Ron 5, Jim Majors Ron 18 and Maury Hooper PT238 Ron 20

Murl Salem Wescott PT 236 Tribute -

To View the .PDF issue Click Here

PT 658 Museum Newsletter Sept 11, 2017 -

To View the .PDF issue Click Here

-News - December 2016 . . . .

The Rooster Tail -
November 2016

Save The PT Boat, Inc's. November 2016 Fall Newsletter issue (12 page PDF file) is now available.

To View the .PDF issue Click Here

Maury Hooper passes away October 14, 2016 and joins the Last Patrol

To View the .PDF obituary : Click Here

Longview Washington veteran Maury Hooper is focus of new book

To View the article Click Here

PT658 Gets an Original Wheel

To View the .PDF article Click Here

Taps for Rolf Bruckner on 7-11-2016

To View the .video Click Here

- Latest News - November 2015 . . . .

The Rooster Tail -
November 2015

Save The PT Boat, Inc's. November 2015 Fall Newsletter issue (16 page PDF file) is now available.

To View the .PDF issue Click Here

PT658 vet Rolf Bruckner passes away  November 25, 2015 and joins the 'Last Patrol'.
Obituary and memorial January 17, 2016 2pm Gilroy, CA.:.

To View the .PDF article: Click Here

PT658 vet
Rolf Bruckner is featured in front page article in Mt. Democrat Newspaper, Placerville, California by Dawn Hodson November 11, 2015

To View the .PDF aticle: Click Here

- Latest News - October 2015 . . . .

Fred Juras recieves
$1000 donation from 2015 Air Show

The Intel Oregon International Air Show presented by Standard TV and Appliance donated a record $90,000 to non-profit charities at their 2015 Grant Awards on October 28, 2015.

Highlighted here is the presentation to Fred Juras of Save the PT Boat, Inc. Their award of $1,000 was presented by Jim Hand LTC (Ret) and OIAS Board Director, Barry Starkman IOIAS Board Chairman and Bill Braack IOIAS President. Together, we are making a difference in Oregon communities!

Please take a moment to view and share our three minute 2015 Air Show video.
Click here to view video at YouTube

- Latest News - August 2015 . . . .

Bob Dubay passes away August 22, 2015 and joins the 'Last Patrol'

Bob was a WW2 pilot trainer on PT-17's and helped us on the PT boat often.

I wanted to invite you, and any of the PT Crew, to his memorial service planned for this coming Sunday August 30th afternoon 2pm ... see obituary below.

The location will be: CherryWood Village
1417 SE 107th Avenue
Portland, OR 97216

Oregonian obituary: Click here for details
or To View the .PDF aticle: Click Here

Beaty Lay passes away August 6, 2015 and joins the 'Last Patrol'

I wanted to let you know that we are having a memorial service for Beaty Lay at the Delaware Plaza Activity Room on Wednesday August 26th at 2pm. You all are welcome to come be a part. The address is 926 Delaware St. Longview WA 98632.

Laura Ravert

- News - August 2015 . . . .

Jim Mitchell of/with the Portland Skyliners Tall Club give tour August 2015.

To View the .PDF aticle: Click Here

- News - June 2015 . . . .

Fleet Week 2015 Columbian article.

To View the .PDF aticle: Click Here

- News - May 2015 . . . .

Link to video taken of USS Wahoo cruise on 5-21-2015.

Click here to view video at YouTube

- News - May 2015 . . . .

Jack Duncan's last ride on PT658 article  in HAVASU SUNDAY (5-3-2015)newspaper. Reprinted with permission from Today's News-Herald, Lake Havasu, Arizona.

To View the .PDF aticle: Click Here

- News - February 2015 . . . .

Pphaen Sayre passes away on February 4th, 2015 and joins the 'Last Patrol' A service was held February 7th and burial 10 am February 9th at Willamette National Cemetery.

- News - December 2014 . . . .

2014 Oregon International Air Show grant received: Fred Juras and Bob Alton (photo below) receive grant of $2500. While Richard Morris (photo below right) was also instrumental in our receit of the grant. (click on images to enlarge)

As a note of interest, the 2015 Oregon International Air Show will be appearing July 17-19 2015.

- News - November 2014 . . . .

The Rooster Tail -
November 2014

Save The PT Boat, Inc's. November 2014 Newsletter issue (16 page PDF file) is now available.

To View the .PDF issue Click Here

- News - September 2014 . . . .

Long time 'skipper' and friend of PT boat Chuck Kellogg passes away. Service will be at Willamette National Cemetery, Monday September 15th at high noon, but arrive at staging area by 11am.
(click on images to enlarge)

News article: Click here for detailed news link of the article.
Oregonian obituary: Click here for detailed news link of the obituary.
Memo from Trish Kellogg about Chuck's service: Click here for detailed PDF file.

- News - August 2014 . . . .

Jetboat Dinner Tour of PT658 -
This boat and dinner occured in August 2014, as filmed by Jerry Gilmartin

Link to Jerry Gilmartin's video:
Click here to view video at YouTube

- News - June 2014 . . . .

Video taken by Jetboat Tour's drone camera of PT658 and the Jetboat cruising from the east side of Ross Island and upriver on the west side, June 7th about noon at Rose Festival 2014.

Link to Video:
Click here to view Video at YouTube.

Channel 8 interview of Maury Hooper and Ron Taylor aboard PT658 during the Rose Festival 2014

Link to Video:
Click here to view video at Channel 8

- News - April 2014 . . . .

Oregon Senior News -
News article on the PT658, March/April 2014 issue.

Article:  Click here to view at site

Don Brandt passes away on April 4th 2014 and joins the 'Last Patrol' A graveside service will be held May 1 at 2:30 pm at Willamette National Cemetery. It will be a short military service.Dick Lowe passes away and joins the 'Last Patrol'

Obituary: Click here for detailed news link of the obituary.
Tribute link: Click here to view at website.

- News - April 2014 . . . .

PT658 article in McKenzie River Reflections Newspaper by John J.D. Finn
Article: Click here for detailed PDF file.

- News - November 2013 . . . .

Veteran's Day fundraiser for PT658 at Sherwood, Oregon, November 11, 2013
Article:  Click here for detailed PDF file.

- News - October 2013 . . . .

Jerry Gilmartin's videos of a ride for special visitor Robert Hart Motor Mac 1/c age, 93, veteran of PT176 Ron 11 and 11 of 12 children. Recorded on Thursday 10-10-2013

Video1  engine room tour:  Click here to view Video at YouTube.
Video2  engine startup checks:  Click here to view Video at YouTube.
Video3  engine trying to start:  Click here to view Video at YouTube.
Video4  engine checks during warm-up:  Click here to view Video at YouTube.
Video5  underway in downtown Portland:  Click here to view Video at YouTube.

- News - September 2013 . . . .

TV news KATU Channel 6 Broadcast of PT658 launch on September 17, 2013.

Video:  Click here to view on Channel 6 KATU's website.
- News - June 2013 . . . .

Chad Booth's video on PT658's current state

Video:  Click here to view Video at YouTube.

Clark County Conservative article
Veterans Ask For Help Preserving One of a Kind Historical Treasure
by: Lew Waters, July 2013

Article:  Click here for details

- News - April 2013 . . . .

News - PT658 Suffers Break-in & Tool Theft
Click here for detailed PDF file.

Tools needed as result of the theft
Click here for detailed PDF file.

See Donation page for donation for donation information or you can visit 'Bubba's' fundraising page Click here to view at GoFundMe website.

- News - March 2012 . . . .

The Rooster Tail -
March 2012

Save The PT Boat, Inc's. March 2012 Newsletter issue (16 page PDF file) is now available.

Click here for detailed 20 page PDF file.

- News - April 2012 . . . .

'Devil Boats' video, World War II video on PT Boat Service.

Video: Click here to view at YouTube.

- News - July 2012 . . . .

St. Helens Trip on July 13, 2012, videos taken by Jerry Gilmartin.

Video Part 1 Click here to view at YouTube.
Video Part 2 Click here to view at YouTube.
Video Part 3 Click here to view at YouTube.
Video Part 4 Click here to view at YouTube.

St. Helens Spotlight on PT658, July 2012.

Article: Click here for detail JPG image file

1  Minute video of boat leaving Rose Festival 2012 for Swan Island
Video: Click here to view at YouTube.

- News - August 2012 . . . .

Lake Oswego Car/Boat Show article, August 2012.

Article: Click here for detail PDF file.

Bob Alton interview at Lake Oswego, August 2012

Interview:  Click here to view at YouTube.

- News - September 2012 . . . .

PT658 News Article on: Iron Workers Local 29, September 2012.
Article:  Click here for link to website

PT658 is now a National Historic Site Articles:
Oregon Parks Memo: Click here for detailed PDF file.
National Register: Click here for detailed PDF file.

- News - October 2012 . . . .

18 Minute deck and inside video tour of PT658 by Jerry Gilmartin

Video: Click here to view at YouTube.

Article in Antique & Classic Boat "Rudder" magazine winter 2012 issue.
Article link: Click here for detailed PDF file..

Email we got from Erika's teacher with suggested link: 
Copy of Email: Click here for detailed PDF file.

- News - November 2012 . . . .

Ken Nissen passes away and joins the 'Last Patrol', November 20, 2012.

Obituary: Click here view at website.

- News - 2011 thru 2003 . . . .

Article in Oregon Packard Club "Oregon Clipper" magazine winter 2011.
Oregon Clipper:  Click here for details.

Freshwater News article on
PT 658 Education Center Jan 2012.
  Freshwater News:  Click here for details.

West Linn Tidings article by Cliff Newell on Sandy Carter
'A crew of souls' Oct  2011.
West Linn Tidings: Click here for detailed JPG image file.

Testimonial from
Jack Duncan PT103 Jack and Maury.
Testimonial: Click here for details.

Eugene Register-Guard article of
William Skade 90th birthday ride with family on PT658 September 2011.
Eugene Register-Guard: Click here for details.

Jim Brunette passes away and joins the 'Last Patrol'.
Obituary: Click here for details.

Lake Oswego Heritage article by Nancy Dunis on upcoming event August 2011.
Lake Oswego Heritage: Click here for details.

Lake Oswego Review article on upcoming event August 2011.
Lake Oswego Review: Click here for details.
(Note: PT109 Skipper Bryant Larson has gone on 'last patrol', but his son
Bryant Jr. is still with us.)

LST reunion on PT658 in Jackson Tennessee Sun article July 2011.
Jackson Sun: Click here for details.

Milwaukie Daze article July 2011.
Oregonian : Click here for details.

Oregon Cultural Trust awards PT658 $14,000 for fiscal 2011.
Oregonian article: Click here for details.

Russ Hamachek passes away and joins the 'Last Patrol'.
Oregonian Obituary: Click here for details.

PT305 Article - Fall 2009.
Article: Click here for details.

Rex Caffal photos of PT658 - Summer 2009.
Photo link: Click here for details.

1994 Seattle Times article on PT boat.
Article: Click here for details.

PT 658 takes on water at the Rose festival.
Article: Click here for details.
P.S. Dick Lowe does not own the boat ... It is owned by the Naval History and Heritage Command at the Washington Navy Yard, Washington D.C.).

Harry O. Wiedmaier passes away and joins the 'Last Patrol'.
Oregonian Obituary: Click here for details.

PT boat poem from Bruce Ager GM1/c PT 187 Rons 6, 9 and 12.
Poem: Click here for details.

2-1/2  Minute video
"History of the PT boat".
Video: Click here for details.

Article on
Advanced American Construction 25 year anniversary.
Article: Click here for details (2 page .pdf).

6 Minute video
"At your Leisure with host Todd Booth".
The story of  PT 658 : Click here for details.

Oregon Sentinel article
"From rusting hulk to museum quality showpiece"  The attached article "PT 658: Wooden Boats and Iron Men", was published in the May/June  2007 issue of  The Oregon Sentinel,  a publication of the Oregon National Guard.
Article on page 9: 
Click here for details.

Bob Hostetter Obituary  "From farm to forest to PT boat".
In the June 3rd Oregonian, by Amy Martinez Starke. The attached obiturary was published on June 3, 2007 in the Oregonian.
Click here for details in .pdf file.

Bob Hostetter article
"A Movinng Piece of History"  The attached article "A Moving Piece of History", was published in the January 2007 issue of  "Around the Oval", a publication of the Colorado State University Alumni Association.
Click here for details in .pdf file.

"All Hands" article November  2006 
"All Hands" magazine article on the 2006 Rose Festival with interview of Dick Lowe and general info on  PT 658 with boat underway.
Click here for detailed PDF file Page36-39 of 44 pages .

General info with
PT658 underway.
videoClick here for details.

Naval Historic Ships Association
"Anchor Watch" articles Fall 2006/2007 "U.S.S PT 658 LIVES UP TO THE 'PLENTY TOUGH' MOTTO OF PT BOATERS" by Jerry Gilmartin.
Fall 2006, page 7-11,
Click here for details.

"PT 658 AT 33 KNOTS" by Jerry Gilmartin.
Fall 2007, page 7,
Click here for details.

PT 658 Progress Update 2005 - February, 2006 There have been numerous accomplishments on the PT658 in the last year. The overall appearance of the boat has changed quite a bit since the last update. Focusing on the historic restoration of the PT boat and also trying to include modern safety systems has been the overall thrust of all members of the restoration crew.
Click here for details.

PT boats:
Weapons of war (August 9, 2005).
Daring and dashing, PT boats play a pivotal role in Pacific warfare
Oregonian article by Ted Mahar. Click here for details and cutaway.

PT Boat at Cathlamet, Washington (July 15-17, 2005)
A piece of history - a World War II patrol torpedo boat - drew people from all over the Northwest to Cathlamet's Bald Eagle Festival and Wooden Boat Show this weekend.
Webpage Link: Click here for details.

Dedication of PT 658 (June 6, 2005)
One year after transferring PT 658 from the barge to the water, the PT veterans drove the boat up the Willamette River for its dedication ceremony. Click here for details.

Since the fire in October, 2003 that was centered amidships in the wardroom CO's hanging closet and desk, the boat has been fully repaired. The year 2004 saw several significant events take place for the restoration effort. The PT 658 was launched into the waters of the Willamette River at Swan Island on June 7, 2004. Shortly thereafter, we took the PT658 to the Portland Antique Wooden Boat Show at Tomahawk Bay Marina in Portland on the Columbia River on June 25-27, 2004, where several hundred visitors saw it. Click here for details.

PT 658 Underway on the Willamette River in Portland, Oregon (September 21, 2004)
The naysayers who claimed PT 658 would never be completed, much less leave a wide wake powered by three purring Packard's, were proven wrong today!! Under clear skies in 70 degree weather, the boat cleared the dock at the Swan Island Naval Training Center at 1300 hours. Bob Hostetter, former PT exec officer, stood at the helm as she headed out for the Willamette River. Click here for details.

Transferring PT 658 From the Barge to the Water (June 7, 2004)
Early Monday morning, June 7, 2004, Foss Maritime Company's tugboat, named Jim Moore, came to the dock on Swan Island Lagoon to transport the barge on which PT 658 was cradled, to a crane at the Swan Island Shipyards where the boat could be lifted into the water. Click here for details.

After a Bad Fire, Determination Prevails in Restoring PT 658 (October 2, 2003)
Restoration of PT 658 was nearly complete, when a fire on October 2, 2003, caused serious damage to the officers’ quarters and surrounding area. (See updated photos on the photo page). The fire started at the 24-volt electrical circuit panel on the bulkhead next to the skipper’s bunk. It badly damaged bulkheads, beams, ribs, bunk, shelves, desk, and the deck in the cockpit. Flames also spread to the crew’s quarters, but did not enter the engine room, although control cables and electric lines from there to the cockpit were damaged. Click here for details.

Post War PT658

Photo demonstrating the various stages of restoration . . . .