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PT658 Museum, Heritage & Education Center                              


Our mission:

     In keeping with Oregon's maritime tradition, we operate and display PT658 and museum

     as a living memorial to the thousands of U.S. sailors who manned these tiny warships in

     nearly every WWII theater of conflict.

During 1992-94, a group of gray-haired ex-PT boaters took custody of PT658, an historic World-War II motor torpedo boat originally built in 1945 by Higgins Industries in New Orleans. Over the next several years, this group of former WW II PT Boaters, along with the help of many other volunteers and contributors, realized their dream of restoring PT658 to its original as-built condition. Restoration work was done using original PT Boat plans, manuals, photographs, materials and included overhauling the original Packard V-12 engines. The result is the only fully operational WWII PT boat in the WORLD. In September 2012, PT658 was listed in the National Registry of Historic Places.

While PT658 is considered the largest artifact in our collection. Save The PT Boat, Inc's historical collection includes over 600+ unique artifacts just on the boat. Our on-site computer database contains thousands of cataloged artifacts, drawings, engine manuals and photos.

The boathouse/museum was constructed in 2007-2008 to display our many artifacts and protect the the boat from the elements. Our veterans and volunteers serve as docents and speakers at local school, service clubs and history groups. The museum annually attracts thousands of tourists and veterans from throughout the U.S. and from many foreign countries.

Our next major project is to expand our museum space and educational outreach so that future generations can learn more about naval history, the role of PT boats in WWII and Oregon's rich maritime history.

PT658 is owned by Save The PT Boat, Inc which is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. All gifts are tax deductible as allowed by law.


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